My Dear Loves!

Hello! I am so sorry I have been absent of late! But I have some very exciting news! I am now being represented by Walker Contemporary! I am so incredibly happy about this! Walker Contemporary represents artists who deeply inspire and awe me so I am very honored to be included. Already I am planning new work and feeling such hope and energy for the months (and years!) to come. 

I hope that you all are enjoying this autumn season. I love autumn. Today is perfect, not too cold, not too hot. The leaves are falling and the sky is so very blue beyond all the reds and yellows. I love the smell of autumn!

I am sending you all my love, strength, joy, safety and warmth. May you be happy!



Hello Again!

Hello dear friends,

I am so sorry I have not been more present here of late. In my new house the internet is very slow and accessing my website takes more bandwidth than my poor home can handle! I hope that you all are well and that spring has arrived for everyone! The lilacs and lily of the valley are just starting to bloom where I live. This is a time that always fills me with hope and inspiration. 

I have a few paper carvings available in my Etsy shop! I've started branching into cutting flowers, too! I am hoping soon to add a 'Shop' section to this website and start phasing Etsy selling out. Wish me luck! I am easily intimidated by new plans even though I know I'm growing...

Be well, happy, warm, safe and inspired. I am sending so much love into the world. I hope it finds you. 

More Brave Etsy Birds!

Hello, brave loves!

I hope you're all keeping warm! I have just added some new items in my etsy shop! I'll hopefully add to them but my sister is in town this weekend from California and I'll hopefully be going on some fun adventures with her! I haven't seen her in years and I am very excited. Please be well and safe and brave. 



I've found a home!

I am so very happy to say that I've found a place to live! I will be moving in this coming weekend! There is a room with an entire wall of windows that I will be using as my studio. I am so incredibly happy. I'm doing my best to cut some small, brave pieces to put on etsy. I should have more pieces available by mid-January. 

I love you all. I am so glad you all exist. I know you are all strong and brave.

Love, Maude

What's New

Hello dear friends! I hope you all had and are having a safe, warm, love-filled holiday season. I thought I'd give a little honest update. I'm between homes right now! I'm staying with a friend while I look at places in the Hudson Valley so my cutting has been slowed down! I'm hoping soon that I'll find that perfect place and start setting up a studio to work in. Here's a little secret: I've never had a studio. When I lived in Buffalo, I worked out of my living room. I am so very awed, and excited that soon I will (hopefully!) have a workspace! You all and your amazing support have made this possible. That said, I'll try to get more items up on etsy soon! I am working very hard to find a home and then I will be able to cut a great deal more.

I love you all dearly. You are all brave birds. 


Hello, brave friends!

I've added this brave rooster to my etsy shop along with some other little sweeties. I hope you all are well and warm and safe this December. I am in the process of moving to the Hudson Valley and am almost done! I will be so happy to have a studio! I have never had an actual room for working! I'm very happy. 

Be brave, my lovely, wonderful birds.

The exhibition at WNYBAC is on display!

Yay! The exhibition at the Book Arts Center is live! I had a truly wonderful time at the opening reception. I've already sold pieces! The show runs through October 10th so if you end up in Western New York check it out and let me know what you think! 

It was a really exciting week all around. I had a video interview, and had another interview with Artvoice, a really great weekly art newspaper serving Western New York. I also got the cover of Artvoice which made me so happy! 

This was the first exhibition I've had where I experimented with installation pieces. Everyone says it looked fantastic and I'm very pleased. This was also the first exhibition I've done while in collaboration with Knotty Moose Studios doing my framing. We work really well together and I am excited to experiment with Knotty Moose in the future. 

Be well,

Brave Bird. 

Hello my brave loves!

As you can see, I'm updating my look! Please bear with me while I learn and grow! I am so glad that you are here and that you enjoy my work. I should have more small, unframed pieces of work available in my etsy shop next week!