Brave Birds

I have been many birds in my life. I have been a hummingbird, flying backward into memory and the past. I have been a barn swallow, quick and sure in decision and strength. I have been a great blue heron, patient and still in recovery from pain and fear. I have been a crow, observant and watchful as I questioned decisions and hesitated on great brinks. Birds, like humans, are many things. They are ruthless. They are collaborative. They are deceitful. They are loyal. They give gifts. They mourn. Some birds solve problems, some think analogously, some create new, recursive speech patterns and some craft tools.
— From Brave Birds by Maude White

Brave Birds Journal (Hardcover)

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Brave Birds Notebook (Softcover)

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In Brave Birds, cut-paper artist and writer Maude White presents an entirely new collection of sixty-five stunning cut-paper birds. As a source of inspiration, each bird is paired with an original message of kindness and strength associated with its particular traits to encourage bravery and perseverance. Inside, you’ll find birds for experiencing Joy, Creativity, Patience, Kindness, Resilience, Communication, Strength, Awareness, Action, and Transformation, and each composition reflects thousands of intricate cuts, lending an astounding level of texture to these delicate and ethereal birds. Appealing to any bird lover or collector of bird art, Brave Birds is a beautiful resource for those wishing to practice a life of kindness and empathy.